6_CCNA Cisco Discovery 3 Review

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Test 6
1Refiérase exposure. Which statement describes the DR / BDR HQ router connection?

2 What two characteristics are associated with Frame Relay OSPF point-to-multipoint environments? (Choose two.)
A DR is not elected.
OSPF neighbor routers are statically defined.

3 See exposure. How was the default gateway entry for R2 determined OSPF?
The default information originate command is applied on R1.

4 What is always required for OSPF routers to share routing information?
neighbor adjacencies

5 Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has implemented OSPF and the network has converged. If all router interfaces are enabled and functional what route OSPF view as lowest cost when moving frames Host3 to Host1?
R3 to R2 to R1

6 Refer to the exhibit. That has a router to configure OSPF?
router ospf 1
network area 0
network area 0

7 Refer to the exhibit. Network statement that configures the home router to allow all interfaces to participate in OSPF?
network area 0

8 Which statement is true regarding OSPF DR and BDR elections?
Configuring the router with highest priority wins the election OSPF DR.

9 refers to the exposure. The network administrator wants only the network advertised to Router1. Which OSPF network command accomplishes this?
Router2 (config-router) # area 0 network

10 Which two statements describe the operation of links state routing protocols? (Choose two.)
All routers in the same area have identical link state databases when converged.

11 Refer to the exhibit. Routers A, B and C are part of the existing OSPF network. Router D was added to the network. All OSPF routers are running and that the priorities identified applies to the interface. What is the DR / BDR status immediately after router D is added to the existing network?
The DR and BDR do not change until the next election.

12 Which two statements describe the use of OSPF DR / BDR elections? (Choose two.)
Elections are required in broadcast multiaccess networks.
Elections are sometimes required in NBMA networks.

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