9_CCNA Cisco Discovery 3 Review

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Review 9
1 Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output shown, which IP network should the workstations in the Support department belong?

2 Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is doing proactive network maintenance. The administrator of ping and compares the results with reference data. Based on the comparison of the two pings, what is a possibility?
There are problems of network congestion.

3 See exposure. Given the output generated by the debug ppp negotiation, that the statement is true?
The line protocol of the local router is now.

4 What is important to consider when configuring the subinterfaces of a router in implementing inter-VLAN routing?
The IP address for each subinterface must be the address of default gateway for each VLAN subnet.

5 Refer to the exhibit. A lab technician connects two routers together via a serial cable using the default configuration interface. The interfaces are up, however, the technician can not ping between two devices. What is the most likely problem?
No clock is set to DCE interface.

6 Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output shown why is the VTP information unable to propagate the network?
VTP domain names are different.

7 The company mail server software recently underwent a renovation menor.Un communications network administrator of an excessive amount of traffic between a database server and mail server, recently upgraded, compared with data from reference. What is the first action that the administrator must do to investigate the problem?
Check the log to see what software components are causing the excess traffic.

8 Refer to the exhibit. Users report that they can not access the Internet. Routers R1 and R2 are configured with RIP version 2 as shown. If R2 receives a packet with a destination address on the Internet, how is the routing of packets?
The packet is routed to R1 and then sent out FA0 / 0 on R1.

9 refers to the exposure. Both routers are configured using RIPv1. Both routers are sending updates directly connected routes. R1 can successfully ping the serial interface of R2. The routing table on R1 does not contain the dynamically learned routes from R2, and the routing table of R2 shows no dynamically learned routes from R1. What is the problem?
VLSM is not supported by RIPv1.

10 Refer to the exhibit. Host is unable to download mail After reviewing the output of the show running-config, what problem is discovered?
The destination host address in an ACL statement is incorrect.

11 An employee called the help desk to report a laptop that could not access a web-based application on the Internet. The help desk technician asked the employee to open a Windows command prompt and type the command ipconfig / all. That the resolution of technical problems not the technique you choose?
divide and conquer

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