A Esmorga

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"The esmorga" tells the tragic death of some individuals marginalized by society after a bebedela.

Chapter I:

In the first chapter Cibrán appears stating in court, telling what happened in one night with the Milhomem and mouth, his two friends.

At trial he speaks only responding to questions from the judge who acts as interlocutor "dumb" in the declaration of Cibrán, appears set for a script and also the references that Cibrán does the same for their statements. Cibrán names several times the "thinking", which is like the remorse and regret he feels for that night of Troulos, drunk.

Cibrán, describes himself as a humble, low-class, who recently reconciled with his wife, and I want to redo your life and become a responsible and respectable man. She says that when you go to work in a very rainy day is the mouth and Milhomem, two of his friends drunk. Milhomem, also maricallas "or" setesaias ", worked as a tailor, had a way to be very burlona, and at times was very rough, this results in conflicts. The Hot, the leader of the trio of esmorgantes, is a large man, strong, and therefore winning the fights. It also stress the brutality that has characterized throughout the work.

When Cibrán see them, these Convencen to go with them esmorga. And spend the whole day by the low funding of the city of Auria, in Ourense, drunken, wandering through various places and drink without ceasing:

Chapter II

After following Auria wandering from bar to bar, Milhomem has the idea of going to a building where he works a relative, who invites them to stay in the cellar, where they continue to drink. Inadvertently préndenlle fire to the palace and escape from there.

Chapter III

In one of the two adventures, leaving a tavern, decide to go to the palace where the Andradas fermosísima want to see a woman, since all the people who live there say, but few people looked at who pass through a hole in the garden read it, and can see it, is in the gallery and one of them, the mouth is her boyfriend.


Then, as they still have some money, decide to go to the homes of switches, but the first Vótanos out, and accuse the Hot murderer decindo last night left one man dead, and also the second vote, so they decide to return the bars drunk.

They begin to think of escape Auria following morning on a train, and then take advantage of last hours in a bar, but a man advírtelles the Civil Guard suspects that go away and think esperalo the station.

Chapter V

How is The Hot insists to stay with the woman who had seen the morning. Decide to return to the home of Andrade, and thus enter into the house, where Milhomem mouth and steal some jewels. But enfádanse to find the woman, who proved to be a doll, and Hot infuriated and says he would like to be with a woman who is not a prostitute.

To meet its stubbornly go to the dump Auria, home to a woman, Socorrito, who say they're crazy and want to have many children, but only with men who ulan well, Bocas obrigaa to be with him. When Milhomem Cibrán and hear the cries of the woman will wave them. The Milhomem tries to help her wife and took a knife, and that Cibrán tries to stop him, it kills the mouth of a coitelada, and then it hurts, the Cibrán. The attempt to escape falls into a frozen pond and drowns.

After the guard status, it is up to Cibrán, and when it ends what the judge orders return to Cuartelillo, but desperate, Cibrán takes the knife that had served as evidence and crávase with it. Cibrán died after declaring before the judge, even if the author of us know that it was not known clearly how he died, as also mentioned bullying Cibrán that was submitted by the gendarmerie.

Personal comment:

I think this book reflects very well the reality of the time it is told, especially in the fringe worlds of the city of Auria, by how the characters are described, the final and getting something questionable without discovering it was the death of the protagonist, Cibrán.

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