A theory of artistic text

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Semiotics: A theory of artistic text

Lotman defines art as an activity as a transhistorical and organized language whose structure, units and rules should be described in accordance with the structural method. In "The structure of the artistic text" (1970) defines art as a secondary modeling system (which was built as a language) because it adopts the model based on natural language.

In each two codes coexist artistic text: there is a base system which is the natural language, but with a simplification extrasistémicos refers to those materials that blend language structure that allows communication.

Hence the polysemy that characterizes an artistic text.

The main feature of literary language is that their messages are transmitted throughout the artistic structure, is more talkative than normal because all its elements have meaning.

States that the artistic structure, which defines in terms of language, is not enough to produce artistic communication but in the cultural context must be planned and defined the existence of literature.

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