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SENSORS: Modulac-phase (interferometric)-modulac intensity (no interferometer). INTENSITY:-attenuation, reflex, scattering, d sub-carrier modulation, changes n the portad.EXTRINSECOS: movement, pressure (mat Smart). MANUFACTURING:-fibers opposing-side-polished narrowed download kon-deposition-deposition nanoestruc d mat mat d nl the end for (fluoride)-d membranes moviles.-colokcion gratings. (sarriguren). INTRINSEKO SENSOR "distributed Reflectometer (intruder)-absorption t-dep th (doped with Nd)-sensors d microcurvat.MUX D INTENSITY SENSORS: Long d-wave-div tiempo.SENSOR OF FAS (expensive) diferencials [d polarized light (polarimtricos, magntopticos) Hybrids (interferom. remote doppler speedometers). interferometric Classics (max zender, mixelson, Sagnac (gyroscope), Fizeau, fp, D anillo.MUX resonator SENSORS: "Simple (1 sensor type d)-Hybrid (various). d sensor types: ( transmissive, reflective) / / (point and distributed). topology: bus, dual bus, tree, SENSORS estrella.MUX of COHERENT (intensity),-div-d paths in lambda-time div-divin-freq-distributed by reflectometry. (raman: Stokes and anti-stokes)

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