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What are the q first theory explaining the origin of life on earth? "And argue that echo each? Creationism is the basis of religion. In the West, long accepted the story of Genesis literally.
Spontaneous generation, which Aristotle believed that some living things may be generated not only by their parents, this thought came around the third century to C Redi settled until the first serious blow to proponents of this dogma. Experimentally proved that the white larva of the fly of the meat is not spontaneously generated from meat putrefaction, in this century Lazzaro Spallanzani showed that by heating and then sealing broth containers in various microorganisms are not generated while the vessels were hermetically sealed. These 2 shows still have not quite accepted as creationism to be pulled Aristotle much in society.
Louis Pasteur in the nineteenth s irrefutably demonstrated that there was no spontaneous generation: the only living beings from other predecessors.
The latest theory was that of panspermia in which pos tula that life arrived on earth in the form of bacterial spores from outside and driven by radiation pressure in the stars.
Alexander Oparin explains the origin of life on earth Oparin proposed that chemical compounds that existed in the early atmosphere were used as raw material for the synthesis of simple organic compounds of living beings. The first living systems have appeared after a long prebiotic evolution in an aquatic environment, with lack of oxygen and large electric shock.

I checked experimentally miller? what his experience Stanley Miller tested experimentally the early stages of Oparin's theory, for it made a circuit in which 1 introduced a glass container filled with boiling water, 2nd I do a mixture of gases that supposedly formed the primitive atmosphere ( methane, ammonia and hydrogen). 3rd through electrodes, posing shock, similar to those that occur in storms. After cooling and analyze the contents of the container, found that they had synthesized several simple organic compounds such as amino acids, the building blocks of life.

describes the process of cellular evolution
1 Appearance of the first cell 3800 ma ago and were formed through a membrane that allowed the isolation of a set of molecules that react with each other resulting in the metabolism, this occurs in the aquatic environment particularly in what is called primordial soup.
2_Surgen prokaryotes (low organization) heterotrophic (get the organic m. middle) and fermentative.
3_Son selected photosynthetic cells (derived from organic m m inorganic and release oxygen and therefore forms a medium oxidant), autotrophic (get the organic m. themselves) and fermentative.
4_ survive the heterotrophic aerobic and anaerobic sludge that use the oxygen to oxidize the m. organic and energy.
5_ basic eukaryotic cells appear 2700m.a ago.
6_Finalmente occurring eukaryotic (complex internal membrane structures) due to the prokaryotic endosymbiotic association with the basic eukaryotic.

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