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Baroque art = artistic style emerged in Italy at the end of 16 th century , developed
during 17 th century and the beginning of the 18th century.
Characterised by its expressiveness , use of curved features and rich decoration.
Symbolised a break with the balanced and harmony of the Renaissance.
Catholic countries = it’s emergence was linked to the Counter-Reformation. Catholic
church aimed to used art to strengthen people’s faith.
Protestan countries= reformed churches faouvered a more austere style of art. Religion
was less influential and bourgeoisie were the main patrons of works of art.
Architecture = the buildings aimed to reflect a sense of movement .
Straight lines were abandoned in favour of =
Curved features , fragmental features , open spaces , decorative features.
The baroque style emerged in Italy with the construction of religious buildings such as de
church of at Charles .
Painting and sculpture = Main caharcteristics =
Chiarooscuro = string contrasts in light and shade used in order to guide the viewer’s eye
to a specific point.
Naturalism = Representing reality as faithfully as possible.
Realisim = in the portrayal of painful situations and scenes of daily life.
Expressiveness = the provocation of intense emotions.
Theatricality = Illustrated by combining various figured and artistic features to form a
During baroque era , sculptures gained importance. It was the central feature of places
like squares parks and facades .
Tenebrism = characterised by strong contrast of light and shade created by Caravaggio .

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