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The spiritual Crisis of the church

• The luxurious lifestyle of the high clergy. 

• The lack of culture and weakening of moral standards of the clergy, who Set a bad example. 

• The buying and selling of ecclesiastical positions for personal economic Benefit

• The selling of papal bulls and indulgences, which made the church wealthy Under the pretense of pardoning sins and granting access to heaven. 

The Lutheran Reformation 

In 1517, Martin Luther, a German Augustinian monk, nailed a list of 95 Theses against the catholic faith. 

There was a new religion based on: 

• Salvation through faith

• The authority of the Bible.

• Universal priesthood

The Lutheran doctrine denied the sovereignty of the Pope. Removed religious Orders and the worship of images and reduced the sacraments to two: batspim and The Eucharist (communion)

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