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C:During 6 democracy years Canvas gathered Supprters to bring Alfoso de Borb. From exile and name him legally king.However, G. Martinez Campos using violence proclmed Alfon XII new king./Architect Of new political system was Canvs, who admired English politic syst and wanted A similar one; a 2 politic partis shift whichcould guarantee social and politi. Quietness, economic devlpment of spain and the end of milit coups.I:Canvs polit Project had it legl formlation in th 1876 constit drawn up to pleas the Spanish People.Becase of that it was written in an open and flexible way./Main Charactristc of text:-Reinforcement the sovereignty between king and the Cortes, instead of national sovereignity(1869)./The monarchy right to share Sovereignty with Cortes the main feature of the canovist ideology(considers Monarchy as mainstay of the state)/-Catholism official religion but accepts

Freedom of religious conscience to have the support of the opposition./-Power division States that Crown in spite of being a const monarchy has sme rights which won’t Fit in a liberal system becase king is head of executve, names the president of goverm, shars legisltve pwr wit goverm ,has veto power, name senators, dissolve Cortes and head of army./-Cortes were dividd in 2 different Cameras.Senate had 2 different kind of snators;life appointed senat, senatrs named by Crown,electd By Corporations and most import taxpayers.Senate was control by oligarchy(most powerful)./-With The article75 two months after basq fueros were abolish.C:Constit is a step Backwards comparing with 1869 democrtc constit.It links with 1845 const becas Establs modrat liberals with limitation impsd by oligar.Will be the lgal base Of the restaoration systm.

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