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Tema 2. Durkheim and The religious Foundations of Society:

Durkheim Was a French sociologist and philosopher, for whom sociology should be a method Applicable in different ways to understand the evolution of modern society more Than a grand theory.

Durkheim Features:

        ·Human Society needs a religion, that can have Dios or not.

        ·Religion Is universal and is the representation of society that represents a moment in The society.

        ·All Religions are already found in primitive groups.

        ·All The elementary forms of religion and therefore the most basic foundations of Society are already found in precuitive groups.

        ·Rituals Become more important and the more complex society, but these rituals are no More than the private form of a religious social fact.

                                         1. Mechanical

Types of Society               2.  Organic

Mechanical Solidarity:

You can Remove a piece and the machine still working.

        ·Intense Collective consciousness.

        ·Based On resemblances (face to face society).

        ·Little Independence

        ·Highly Religious

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