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Title: Abdel

Author: Enrique Paez

Editorial: The steamboat

Place: Madrid

Year of first edition: 1994

Year of the twenty-first edition: 2004

Biography of Henry Paez

Enrique Paez has worked several years as an educator and has also been associated with publishing. Today is devoted exclusively to literature. With her first children's book won the Premio Lazarillo in 1991.

Title of book

The book is called Abdel because it is the name of the protagonist. On the cover we see a portrait of a boy of about 12 years or so. We also see a patera, as Andel migrated in a boat.

Book Summary

This story narrates the life of an Arab boy. It is currently in a juvenile facility in Spain. This guy is Abdel.

Andel is a young Tuareg born in Africa. His mother died when he was little. His father decided to emigrate to Spain. There was a series of problems that I will tell you below:

Andel literate because a friend of the desert, had many books in Spanish. He never went to school. As I said he immigrated to Spain with her father. Andel always carries a notebook and a pen given to him by his father. In his diary he writes.

After passing the border with occasional difficulty reached the Andalusian coast. Dived into the sea and swam to shore where they had to flee from police.

One day they offered an average working conditions for both. It was to build a villa, in return they pay them money, gave them food and shelter and also when I ended the legalized in Spain. Abdel not work, simply brought beer and carrying packages in which there were papers. One day Abdel became suspicious of their leaders were plotting something but did not know that. He declined to say anything to his father not to worry. Abdel decided to spy on their bosses. One night they went to a cemetery. They exchanged alcohol for the keys to a blue room. He hid something.

One morning I told him and his father to go to for a package both because it was too big and no one could. Around the corner, and with the package in his hand, police began to follow. The father realized that this was a trap and told Abdel flee. The package contained drugs. The police arrested Abdel his father because they could not catch. We were looking for a long time but was very astute and Abdel or police dogs found him. Abdel decided to hide in the cemetery where a night persecuted its leaders. He hid in a vault from which you could see the blue room. One day she read a newspaper that his father had been caught with drugs, then realized that this was a trap.

After spending five days in the pantheon eating grass and debris, Abdel saw as attempting to rob some children of his age. From inside the cemetery began throwing stones to ward off robbers. The children came to the gate of the cemetery to thank you. Abdel was presented and the children for whom they have saved his life brought him lots of food. The kids were curious to know who he was and what he did there. He told them the whole story.

Abdel wanted revenge on the leaders by what they'd miss his father. The children: Alicia and Michael decided to help. Abdel knew that sooner or later come to what they had hidden in the blue room so we concocted a plan. The equipment needed is what brought Alice and Michael. Abdel drug changed the blue room and hid it elsewhere.

One night, heads appeared.Abdel throw a stone at the street lamp where they were Alicia and Michael. That was the signal for them to call police. When passing near Abdel heads, tightened a rope and the two heads went down. Abdel drug made a way from where they fell to where he had hidden the drug. But he failed. An accomplice of the bosses detubo. They tied with rope and placed Abdel in the trunk. Abdel fell asleep on the way thinking that this was the end. Barking woke him. They were the police dogs. They arrested the leaders. Abdel was very happy because Alicia and Michael had fulfilled his part of the plan. Had indicated to the police where the car was and even the color.

Now Abdel is at a juvenile facility. Alicia and Michael are going to visit in the summer holidays.

His father asked him to testify against him. He explained that if let loose into the desert again and there would not have a good life. His father was in prison and condemn this was more cruel than Spain and Abdel ... no one would take care of him and would have to survive alone. At least in Spain Abdel took care of the juvenile facility and the prison was comfortable love. Abdel understood and testified against his father but it hurt.

The story takes place ...

In the desert, in Malaga, in a villa in the cemetery ...

The essential idea of the book is ...

The idea of the book is to show the lives of immigrants and we realize that for them is not easy to live in such conditions. The book attempts that we are not racist.


Abdel is a clever boy, quiet, peaceful ... physical appearance can not say anything. Abdel is sincere and a little shy.

More characters

The father, the "bosses", Alicia and Michael, other workers ...


The story is told in first person ...

Personal opinion

This book is very good, the story is entertaining and interesting, but knowing that has really happened.

With the reading I learned that the lives of migrants is not as easy as it seems and that taste is not always migrate if they do not by necessity.

I wish the book were a little more cheerful and more characters but appeared to be a fact you can not add characters as you change the meaning of history.

I have no favorite episode. All I have liked it if another episode is nothing. The book I liked it although I admit that I like very little read.

10 words not understood

Chrome: they are chrome plated with a hard metal is silver and very resistant.

Settlers: The people who go to a territory to prove it, grow it or live in it.

Dune: pile of sand formed by wind as those in the desert or in some beaches.

Diligence: speed and care with which something is done.

Repatriation: return to his country.

Retro: back when it is gone or something that has been done.

Insolence: disrespect, effrontery.

Ungainly: it has no elegance to the gait and movement.

Passers: moving from one place to another or from one person to another.

He leaned: lie down.

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