Absolutism vs liberalism

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2 -) Absolutism Liberalism VS.
A) Restoration of absolutism.
In 1814 Fernando VII returned to Spain and the Liberals try to sign the constitution but with the support of absolutist church and the nobles gave a coup to restore the former regime and annulled the constitution and there was a strong repression towards the liberal.
B) Liberal Triennium (1820-1823).
In 1820 Colonel irrigation made a statement (which makes a speech against the military government and that if he wins just him) that successfully forced the king to sign the constitution restored the cuts and reforms restored Cadiz.
The king appealed to the Holy Alliance and in 1823 an army of mercenaries he restored to his throne.
C) bankruptcy of Absolutism (1823-1833).
In the first two years of repression against the Liberals was brutal, but the government of Fernando had a strong economic crisis by the loss of the colonies. The solution was to tax reform in which the privileged pay taxes and could not force them without damaging their interests.
Second was the dynastic conflict: Fernando only had daughters and Spain was the Salic Law (women can not reign).
To ensure the throne to his daughter, the king approved the Pragmatic Sanction which denied the Salic law.
Much of the absolutists do not accept and defend the throne was for Prince Charles.

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