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CLIMAX The more exciting part was when Christ Bedoya you hear about the plans of the Vicario brothers and Santiago Nasar searches everywhere, while he was in the house of his girlfriend Flora Miguel, finds out there are waiting for kill him, then leaves and goes home to cover, but Placida Linero, his mother, thought to be inside the house and closed the door to keep out the murderers. Cornered Santiago Nasar, Pedro and Pablo Vicario met with Santiago Nasar stabbing threats seven times.

ENVIRONMENT The action takes place in a small town where all inhabitants are frequent and share. It is a time of many social damage, which requires money and social status and where women are educated to the total dedication of Bayardo San Roman hogar.COMPARACIÓN AND BETWEEN SANTIAGO NASAR

Bayardo San Roman man of 30 years or so, full of cots, with spacious studios, faithful, Lord of town, while Santiago Nasar was a boy who had achieved their economic position for their work, did not finish school, is a young man Field, who likes to deal with animals, gay and seductive.

Finally, two completely different characters together by circumstances.

Is it justified DEATH OF SANTIAGO NASAR? No, for several reasons. No one had any evidence that Santiago Nasar was to blame for the loss of virginity of Angela Vicario, nor let the defend himself nor informed him what would happen. Reasons for this death are not enough weight.

GUILTY AS IF YOUR NEED AN ETHICAL JUDGEMENT WOULD What or who? For me guilty of the crime was the partnership, it is they who implemented the ideology that the only way to claim the honor of killing a person is guilty or at least the thus established.

And the people, for not believing in the intimidation of the Vicario brothers and not take the necessary measures to prevent the murder of Santiago Nasar

RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CONTENT OF CURRENT I do not think that this story has much in common with today, because we live in the past, where virginity is not essential for a woman is considered good and can highlight your qualities. We are also fighting for the equality of men and women.

Moreover there is still a person of power and money intended to be imposed in all circumstances.

We now think twice to commit a crime that we fight for freedom and democracy, while continuing social influence our decisions.

NARRATIVE POINT OF VIEW The story is in third person and first. It is universal and non-linear because it lacked the facts in the order they occurred.

HOW TO DEVELOP ACTION? Is developed dynamically, because the facts are recounted as if they occur as they are needed.

This narrative technique uses different literary techniques in relating the facts as they are descriptive narratives in a great extension of the work, although to a lesser extent the dialogue.

USE OF LANGUAGEIn this work predominantly simple, colloquial language, the word of the people.

PRETEND WHAT THE NOVEL? The novel aims to introduce or social reality of a people in previous years, where the woman was accepted by the mere fact remain a virgin and where honor and vengeance were the catalyst for a life in which violence were the determining factor in resolving conflicts.

WHAT WAS THE INTENTION OF THE AUTHOR TO WRITE THIS NOVEL? The author's intention in writing this novel is entertaining and at the same time show the details of the past that might be real with a touch of fantasy.

PERSONAL OPINION For me it was an excellent work where we reflect that era in which human life was devalued, and where the social damage is what guides our actions.

It has an excellent way to expose the facts which at any time, as a reader I lost interest in the work.

INTRODUCTION In this paper, we will post our thoughts on the literary Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

This is a short novel based on a real event of love and revenge that takes on dimensions of legend, thanks to a narrative development of an accuracy and intensity unsurpassed.

CONCLUSION This novel by Gabriel García Márquez we notice one of the main experiences that occur in a poor society, the forced marriage, social indifference and the unjust death of a man because of the unconsciousness of the people.

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