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1)The statistics show that 50% of teenagers boys and 35% of teenagers girls think that there are situation in which it is justified to hit a woman and 36% of boys admitted that they might hit a woman it circumstances arise.

2)A toolkit for teachers that helps them bring into their classes the subject of dating  violence 

3) No, they also talk about verbal abuse

4) Missy Elliott actually shared stories about her own time in a abusive relationship 


dating violence: abusing relationship 

figures: numbers

awareness campaign: an effort to raise the public knowledge about a certamen thing or issue 

urged: encouraged 


threats:statements that Express that something  bad will happen to a person

helplines: a telephone service that  offers advice about a certain matter 



Abuse - Abuse / abuser - abusive - abusively

Shock - shock - shocked / shocking - schokingly

Reject - rejection - rejectable - rejectably

Risk - risk - risky - riskily

Sing - song / singing - singable / singed - X

Endanger - danger - endangered / dangerous - dangerously

Respect - respect - respectful - respectfully

Accept - acceptance - acceptable - acceptably

X - physic / physical - physical - physically

X - gray - Grey / greyish - X

Rap - rap / rapper - rapping / rapped - X

X - seriousness - serious - seriously

Lead - leader - led / leading - X


a) He have been judging rape defendants for 10 years. Furthermore,his penalties use to be hard. 

b)Although that gang was smuggling counterfeit money, the inspectors were interrogating them as bribing suspects.

c) The defendant could have kidnapped the wrong person. However the juror's verdict was guilty. 

d) This is a personal matter, so I ought to help much more with the house chores

e) There were so many dishes, knives, forks and spoons on the floor that I think that my grandparents' hittens must have been playing for hours

f)Tha burglars of the chalet could have entered at night as those always has been people at the house during the day


1) for fifty years Paul McCartney has been writing music

2) Sarah should have done what I told her to

3) Such long was his list of students that listing them took him five minutes 

4) I know a religion whose followers shall not wear hats or anything on their heads

5) My clever brother should have completed his high secondary studies if it weren't  for his laziness

6) Since I saw Jackie's mother last month she is quiet healthy

7) So long is Charles's text next ween that his teachers are very upset with him

8) Philip should have achieved what he wished

9) You should study more since you  failed the exam and it wasn't difficult at all

10) When we arrived our room was untidy and the drawers opened up. Some burglars must have entered our home 


a)You shouldn't have rushed your choice of university 

b) I should have put more effort into my maths lessons

c) I needn't do homework today because I finished them last week

d) He must have been in too much pain as he was crying a lot


Is Patrick going to help you? 

Patrick isn't helping you? 

Patrick had been helping you 

Did Patrick help you?

Patrick doesn't have to help you 

Patrick can't help you

Would Patrick have helped you?

Patrick is about to help you

Patrick must have been helping you 

Excuse me Patrick, could you help me?

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