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1.She wants Nelvi to Give her Paul, one of her staff members, to help finish an audit which is Behind schedule.

2.Nelvi's department is Very busy preparing for events in Berlin and China.

3.She offers to give two inters who can help prepare the documentation.

4.The idea to train People in Petra's department who can support Nelvi in future when her Department is very busy.

5.Petra and Nelvi sound As if they are good friends and there is no hierarchical distance between them Is typical in very relationship oriented and informal professional cultures. It May also be common in her culture to change arrangements rather than see it as Necessary to stick to the plan. In more task-driven and formal environments Where such intimate relationships are less typical where not changing plans is The norm and conversation may be more serious, neutral and fact-driven, Petra's Approach might not be so successful.

How does Kanelo describe the decision-making in The meetings in his company?

Slow and Relatively careful

He says the style has to change. In what way And why?

He says the company has to accelerate its decision making because it’s a competitive Advantage.

What target does the company have for its speed Of decision making?

To reduce Product development time to six months from twelve.

Which two factors make it difficult to change The decision-making style in the company?

The fact That many levels of management have to approve decisions, which is Time-consuming, and the project team culture of working together means it takes More time to get a collective decision.

Why does Kaneko believe it’s harder to get to a Decision in telephone meetings than is face-to-face meetings?

Because Speakers can’t see each other and gauge how people are feeling.

How does Kaneko describe his own personal Decision-making?

Fast/ likes To get things done and move on.

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