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Digestive processes:1st(mouth);chemical digestion:
Saliva breaks paisacchairs into simple molecules.
Mechanical digestion:teeth and molars crush the food.
 2nd(swallowing);bolus has been produced,UES oppened,
Tongue blocks oral cavity,epiglotis blocks the larynx and the
UES closes. 
3rd(stomach);this processes turn foof into a liquid called chyme.
Mechanical dg:muscles contract to break down food.Includ movmts.
Chemical dg;enzyme pepsin and the hydrochoric acid break the
Chains(cadenas)into animo acids, the blood absorbs animo acids.
4rd(intestine);chyme enters in the duodenum and pepsin is
Inactivated.Peristalsis and segmentation take part.
Absortion by the lymph and blood vessels,waste is eliminated
Throught the anus in form of feces(defecation). 

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