Before acquiring a dog

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A: hi! I'm jim. B:so am I. Great to meet you. Are you married, jim?. A: yes..Well, I've been married twice. B: yeah? So have I. Do you have any children? A: I have one son. B: so do I. What's his name? A: james. B: that's amazing! My son's name is james, too. A: did you go to college, jim? B: no, I didn't . A: Neither did I. I was a terrible student. B: So was I. What do you like doing in your free time, jim? A: I like making things, especially with wood. B: that's incredible! So do I. A: but I don't any exercise at all. Look at me. B: don't worry. Neither do i. A: say, do you have any pets? B: yes. I have a dog. A: So do I! What kind of car do you have? B: A chevrolet. A: Me too! Hey, let's go and have a hamburger, ok? B: sure. You know, I once worked in a hamburger restaurant. A: unbelievable! So did I!. PEOPLE: somebody(alguien),anybody(nadie),nobody/anyone/no one(nadie).THINGS: something(alguna cosa), anything(cualquier cosa), nothing(nada).PLACES: somewhere(algun lado), anywhere(an cualquier sitio),nowhere(en ninguna parte). TOO MUCH(demaciado) TOO MANY(demaciados).ENOUGH(suficiente). GET(in=entrar,out=salir,up=levantarse,on=subir)RUN(away=escapar,aut=quedarsesin,into=encontrarse). So do I(yo tambien) neither(tampoco).

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