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1.- if you feel this way, you feel like you might vomit
 c)XXX nauseous 
2.- a square group of building or houses with roads on each side
b)XXX block  
3.- someone who organizes a party and invites the guests
d) XXX hosts
4.- a shop or part of a shop that prepares and sells medicines
d) XXX pharmacy
5.- bags an cases that you carry with you when you are travelling
a) XXX luggage  
1.- you are tired, _C                          a) are they ?
2.- the classes aren't downstairs, A__           B) isn't it ?
3. The day is fine,__B_                          c) aren't you?
4. Lucy has got a dog, _D_                     d) hasn't she?
5. I am a good student,_E__                    e) aren't i ?
Is bigger than
is pretter than
is most popular than
is better than
is more difficult than
1. My dog is _____ loving animal on earth
a) the most  
2. You seem to be ____ intelligent student in your class
 c) the most 
3. Mount everest is _____ mountain in the whole world
c) the most highest
4.- chile is _____ country in south america
b) the longest  
5.- people say jimmy hendrix was ____ guitar player of all times
a) the greatest  

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