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Celebrelity news 

1) 1.She is a journalist and this is the way that people don´t recognize her. Is trying to get close celebrities and then she can write about them for a gossip magazine 
2. Because you can earn a lot of money
3. The writer says that gossip journalist like Emma are ``hunters´´
4. Some journalist would like to write other stories like politics, environment.

2) 1.False - Nowadays the interest about the celebrities has increased.
2.True - The industry analyist predict that celebrity gossip will be less popular in the future. 

3) 1.(quest)
2.Pop up
4.Gossip magazines 

1. Although she had been vaccinated she caught the flu.
2. I´ve had my TV repaired by the engineer.
3. I wish I would´t hit the dog in the head.
4. You musn´t smoke in hospital.
5. It´s been a year since I met this famous writer.
6. She told the students not to speak so loud.
7. Steve suggested me to tell Paul about it. 
8. My new neighbours have got a baby whose name is Wendy 
9. Unless the tickets arrive, we won´t be able to go
10. These letters should be posted 

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