Before acquiring a dog

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Who- Quien   How- Como  How long? – cuanto tiempo   how old? –que edad  Whose- De quien  When- cuando    Whom ? – A quien ---- RELATIVE CAUSE . Who-Which-Whose-Where-Whom    CONDICONAL-0-If +P.Simple...P.Simple ---1-if+P.Simple…Futu.Simple (will/won´t)+ infin ---2-if+Pasa.Simple..Condicional Simple (would + infinitvo) ---3-If+Pasad.Perfect(had+participio)…Condi.Perfecto (would have+participio)  

HABLAMOS DE VENTAJAS Y DESVENTAJAS. ^^^^ In this essay, I am going to Talk about … because I believe it is one of the most important problems in our Modern society and we must try to face it. ^^^^^^ `The spectacle of reality, it Is fair to comment on the most positive and negative aspects of the subject in Order to have a complete view of it.(+) In the advantages, we can observe ...(-) While at the disadvantages, the main problems are .... ^^^^^^ To conclude, Relief that this problem can be avoided or eliminated if all attempts to share Our ideas and make a common effort to finish With the conflict. ^^^^^^  As far as I'm concerned, we should be much More optimistic if we are to build a better world for the next generations.  CONTAMINACION –(+) We can´t find any, only for the Entrepreneur who earns the money, hurting the others. (-) we can see how the Sea level rises by the melting of the poles, the air we breathe is not clean, New diseases come out ...    GUERRA, (+) We can´t find anything, it is only the Economic and territorial interest of the countries. (-) we can see how Thousands of innocent people die every day, destruction of buildings ...  RECICLAJE  (+) We can See how not used so many resources and raw materials, that the world will thank You in the future. (-) It can contaminate and create other problems.  HOBBIES ---- In this fragment I will talk about my Hobbies, one of my biggest hobbies is watching TV series. In my life I have Been able to see about 50 series. ^^^^^^  Other of my biggest hobbies with Which I share with my family is the sport, every year we go to European Competitions and international tournaments of any sport is the sport that I Like most is tennis and golf, to be good at them you have to train very hard. ^^^^^^In my opinion all people should play sports to be healthier and stronger, This will clear you of other occupations and relax you a lot.  FUTURO---- In my opinion I think that thinking about The future is very relative, we do not know what will happen tomorrow. ^^^^^^We Can only speculate on things that we would like to see happen. All this has Nothing on which we base, everyone wants a good life and health, have a good Job, two children, a good woman and a dog. It is typical in everyone's mind. ^^^^^^In my opinion I think that we should not think so much about the future And regret the past, we must change and think much more in the present. Only in This way will we be much happier

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