Before acquiring a dog

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LIST A wonderful night B-C-A-C-C-B-C-C Slow food A-B-A-A-C-B-C-B An interview with succes C-A-C-C-B-C-A-C Are all twins alike C-A-A-C-B-C-B-A Clown B-A-C-C-A-A-B-A Orphans of the storm B-A-B-B-C-A-C-B Animal rights 1.Now 2.People chicken 3.Not new 4.Both 5.Becuse they 6.It is 7.He feels quite 8.Is like annoying cell phones 1.He sometimes 2.People 3.What 4.The way 5.And heard 6.C 7.Sat near 8.Were always the Da vinci 1.Brown 2.Copies 3.It deals 4.The combination 5.Debate 6.Sacrificing 7.In Seville, V and L 8.He writes Sound of succes 1.To be 2.There were 3.Music 4.A band 5.Playing 6.Composed Forum 7.Ians composer 8.As a musician A champion 1.He is 2.No 3.You gain 4.Did the 5.When cup 6.Some 7.He doesn't 8.He has Pieces of 1.Maya years 2.D 3.Deciphered 4.Bult 5desintegration 6.Discovered 7.Was 8.Spend site Meeting an old 1.Her Florida 2.Collabor 3.They 4.Not 5.When there 6.Is pite 7.Florida 8.To help The best seller 1.You 2.Simply 3.Novels 4.Accurete 5.B 6.They 7.The inform 8.The inform

READ Green Sahara 1.Less 2.Is about 3.Show 4.Did not happen 5.Their 6.Have taken 7.The land 8.A good English is the global lang 1.They referred 2.Was already 3.From all 4.Is undesrtood 5.D 6.Is used by 7.A sec 8.In many Kill a snail 1.Have cared 2.B 3.May 4.Is much 5.Will not 6.Must be 7.Are still 8.Can't own A word learning dog 1.Fast 2.May 3.Gestures 4.Was 5.Was summited 6.Strong 7.The 8.Are b Internet revives 1.Maiko 2.Tea 3.Poor 4.Making 5.An art 6.All 7.Kyoto 8.It's more Sweet as sugar 1.Not 2.Honey 3.Help 4.Reflect 5.There 6.The 7.Comes beek 8.You will

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