Before acquiring a dog

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Animals rights!

Mistreat: maltratar

Tame: domesticado

Endangered species: especies en vía de extensión

Extinct: extinguido

Cage: jaula

Wildlife: vidasalvaje

Laboratory: laboratorio

Research: investigación

Experiment: experimento

Human guinea pigs: conejillos de indiahumanos

Species: especie

Breed: criar

Ethical: ético

Hunt: cazar

Free-range: ecológico, de granja

Vegetarian: vegetariano

Factory farms: producción industrial de animales de granja

In captivity: en cautiverio

Nature or nurture

Formative: developmental

Portrayed: depicted, shown

Dog-like: with characteristics similar to a dog

Upbringing: raising

Raw: uncooked

Orphanage: centre where children whose parents have died

Phrasal verbs

Bring up: raise or look after while growing up

Look after: take care of

Take on: adopt

Pick up: acquire

False friends

Education (enseyament) – Upbringing (eduació)

Vicious (brutal, ferotge) – Depraved, Dissolute (viciós)

The natural world

Carnivore: carnívoro

Predator: depredador

Food chain: cadenaalimenticia

Nocturnal: nocturno

Mammal: mamífero

Hibernates: invernadero

Herbivores: herbívoro

Feed on: alimentarse

Reptile: reptil

Lay eggs: ponerhuevos

Prey: presa

Invertebrate :invertebrado

Give birth to: dar a luz

Offspring: descendencia, cría

Young: joven

Primate: primate

Vertebrate: vertebrado

Omnivore: omnívoro

Idioms and expressions: Animals

Get it straight from the horse’s mouth: heard him say it himself

Have butterflies in her stomach: felt really nervous

Let the cat out of the bag: told her the secret

Take the bull by the horns: decided to take action

Wouldn’t hurt a fly: be a very gentle person

Word-building: Compound nouns

They can be written…

As one word: wildlife, mousetrap

With a hyphen: fox-hunting

As two words: safari park, animal rights, horse race, human rights, Human race, insect repellent, human nature, pet shop,

Adjective + noun. In plural, we only change the noun: black birds

Noun + noun. The first noun is usually singular, even If the meaning is plural: reptile house

In the plural form, we only Change de second noun: fishing nets

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