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The decades of 50 and 60: The Spain of Franco: Spain er even torn country and dictatorship allied side was capitalista.Hubo a social and economic transformations since it began the industrialization and cities acquired a dynamic appearance, but cultural production came down, there was an intellectual awakening critical of the regime. poetry of the decade of the 50 most representative authors: We develop a social poetry, "Poetry Anthology consulted social" is the starting point editorial.Para the authors, poetry is a communication viado, this poetry is to testify to the problems España.Sus issues are the situation of Spain, the social injustice and the desire for peace and libertas.Su style is determined by the communicative intention and the censorship, plain language and adopts a tone conversacional.Blas Otero (1916-1979) stress the existential poetry ("Angel man should trust") social poetry ("I ask for peace and the word") and new forms of expression ( "While"). Celaya Gabriel (1911-1991) include works such as "showdown" or "Songs Iberians. Has a surrealist, is characterized by an intense and aggressive language. The decade of the 60 authors most representative: examining issues that have to do with all that makes profoundly human in style can be seen a greater variety and more rigorous work and looking for words and language personal.Jose Iron (1922-2002) their early works are "Earth Without Us" and "Alegria" and desolation are frustrated search for happiness, but in works such as "Fifth of 42" and "How is my" addresses the collective suffering and existencialismo.Claudio Rodriguez (1934-1999), his poetic begins with "Don of drunkenness" in his later books "The Flight of the celebration", "Condemnation"

stresses in a simple style singular.Angel Gonzalez, considered the most social of lso poets, his most important works OSN "Rough World", "Treaty of planning", "No hope" and "Autumn and other lights." Jaime Gil de Biedma, "People of the verb" their issues are intimos.Jose Angel Valente, "Lazarus Poems", the secrecy is even more amyor in works like "The god place" or "No sunrise the singer." Novel of the 50 and representative authors: their features are the influences, the realistic approach, lso themes, techniques, players, the concentration of the action, the dialogues and the apparent disappearance of Sanchez autor.Rafael FerlosioSu first story was "Industris" and " Alfanhui adventures "and" El Jarama ". Ignacio Aldecoa, highlights his passion as a storyteller" No Man's Land. "Jesus Fernandez, its my first of the work was" brave. "Novel decade of the 50 and 60 and representative authors Friends existential features of the novel are the themes, techniques, chronological disorder, the structure, the individual protagonist, the narrator, the free indirect style and interior monologue and the reader activo.Luis Martín Santos, their most representative work is "time Silence, speeches and records mix linguisticos.Juan Marse, satirizes the pretensions laburguesia progressive and highlight works as "The Bilingual Lover" or "spell of Shanghai." Juan Benet stresses "A meditation." stresses Juan Goytisolo "Realms Taifa "and Luis Goytisolo which highlights" the wrath of Achilles. "Camilo Jose Cela (1916-2002), experiment with new narrative techniques include such works as" The Family of Pascual Duarte "and" The Hive. "Others are narrative experiments "Pavilion of rest", "San Camilo, 1936" and "Tenebrae 5." Miguel Delibes (1920-2010) is characterized by sobriety, simplicity and richness of his language, include such works as "The shadow of the cypress is long "" The Road "," rats. "

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