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Annular - (adj) ring-shaped
Apiary - (n) a place where bees are kept and tended
Apocalyptic - (adj) relating to a revelation
Apostasy - (n) abandonment of faith or a dedication to basic beliefs
Append - (v) to attach, add
Auspices - (n) patronage, sponsorship
Brusque - (adj) abrupt, rough in speech or manner
Bucolic - (adj) of the countryside
Cabal - (n) a group of people engaged in intrigue
Cache - (n) a secret place for hiding supplies, food, etc.
Cairn - (n) a heap of stones marking a special site.
Codicil - (n) a supplementary statement, especially as in a will
Dissimulate - (v) to mask or confuse by false appearance.
Dissipate - (v.) to cause to disappear; to scatter
Eclectic - (adj) chosen or selected from various sources.
Ecumenical - (adj) universal, general
Edify - (v) to enlighten, instruct
Factious - (adj) that which produces division, dissension
Horology - (n) the science of time measurement
Hortatory - (adj) that which exhorts or consists of advice
Huckster - (n)a peddler, one who is loud, persistent
Hustings - (n) place where political campaigning is conducted.
Hymeneal - (Adj) pertaining to marriage or weddings
Hysteria - (n) a psychoneurosis marked by emotional excitability and disturbances of the Psychic and sensory functions
Icon - (n) venerated statue or picture
Idiom - (n) local expression which differs from the general pattern
Idyllic - (adj) simple and pleasing, especially in connection with rural and domestic life
Impromptu - (adj)unplanned
Jeremiad - (n) a doleful speech or story
Kine - (n)cows collectively
Knell - (n) an evil omen(v) to ring a bell
Misdemeanor - (n.) a crime or offense that is less serious than a felony; any minor Misbehavior or misconduct
Objurgate - (v) to reprove or rebuke
Obscure - (adj) unclear, vague
Pantheism - (n) the doctrine that all phenomena, forces, etc. Of the whole universe are God.
Preempt - (v) to take the place of something else
Quaff - (v)to drink deeply
Quagmire - (n) miry, boggy ground
Qualm - (n) a misgiving; a doubt
Rote - (n) fixed or inflexible way of doing something.
Saccharine - (adj)overly sweet
Saga - (n) long story
Scourge - (v.) To whip, punish severely
Scrutiny - (n)critical observation or examination
Subtlety - (n) a delicate action or statement.
Surfeit - (adj) too much of something
Timbre - (n.)tone color
Unkempt - (adj) slovenly; not tidy
Unscathed - (adj) unharmed; not injured
Zealous - (adj)very devoted and purposeful

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