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The TV series’ world is an entertainment very trendy nowadays. When I was younger, I used to watch Spanish TV series, Such as “El barco” or “Aída”. Nevertheless, these series didn't catch my Attention at all.

Recently, my friend Recommended me a TV series called “Game of thrones ”. It started being Really interesting, however I found every chapter more and more complex. I was very confused because I lost sight of the plot.

Time later I was looking for several surveys in order to Know which are the most famous tv series at the moment. I found quite Interesting ¨Black Mirror ¨. It focused on how technologies will change Our lives un few years.

After that, another friend recommended me “Prison Break”. It is the best tv series of the world. The argument and the Interpretation of the actors are terrific. It develops a very entertaining  crime action.

Last weekend I watched a new TV series in two days, “Thirteen reasons why ¨. It hooked me from the beginning. Moreover, It Gives us lessons about the topic of bullying, and its fateful Consequences.

     The TV series have revolutionized the small screen World. Furthermore there are fascinating stories, and some of them with Big teaching’s life to the young and the not-so-young. But be careful, It can hooks you too much time, and make you forget other more important Things.

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