Actions that started in the past" " actions that just happened

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Simple past we use to talk about actions on situations that started and finished in the past. Ex. Freites spoke to much in class.
Regular verbs are characterized with an spelling of ed at the end of the word.
Irregular verbs are characterized because they change partially or totally and enother cases it doesn´t change at all.
Past continuos we use structures to talk about actions or situations that started and finish in the past but with a period of time in the middle.
Simple Past: PP + VP + C. Satoru danced electronic music.
Past Continuos: PP + Was, Were + ing + c. Satoru was dancing electronic.
When and While: When + simple past. When he opened the dore.
While + past continuos. While you were watching TV
Today. That day  tonight. That night   no. Then   tomorrow. The following day
ago. Before        this. That                 thise. Those
Base                               Simple past                        past participle
be                                     was, were                            been
become                              became                             become
blow                                    blew                                 blown
come                                   came                                 come
cut                                       cut                                     cut
do                                        did                                   done
drink                                    drank                                drunk

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