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Weapon of Mass destruction ( WMD): nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

First Strike capability: A country's ability to defeat another nuclear power by destroying its arsenal to the point where the attacking country can survive the weakened retaliation.

First strike strategy : An attack intended to destroy (largely or entirely) a state's nuclear weapon before they can be used. In nuclear stragey, its a preemtive surprise attack employing overwhelming force.

Mutually assured destruction ( MAD) : The possession of second-strike capabilities by both sides.

Arm race: Even if a state is truly arming for defensive purposes, it is rational in a self-help system for opponents to assume the worst and keep pace in any arm build up .

Groupthink: Tendency for group to reach decisions without accurately assessing their consequences since individuals tends to go along with ideas they think other supports.

States: A legal abstraction to control a territorial area and the poeple who reside in the territory, with sovereignty that gives it the supreme power internally and equal status externally.

MNC: Business enterprises organized in one society with activities in other growing out of direct investment abroad.

Terrorist groups: Subnational or transnational nonstate actors that aim at securing religious, political or economic goals by the threat of violence.

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