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The evolution Of the economic cycle: -Economic Expansion or growth: there is an increase in investment, production And employment, salaries increase and there is a growth in demand. -Crisis: Production Is higher than demand prices fall, profits decrase and salaries are Reduced. -Recession: investment falls companies close Down.  -Recovery: supply balances with demand and the Economy begins to expand. Financial sector: activities related To the investment of money through the bank or the stock exchange. Realism: was A cultural movement which developed in Europe in 1850, realist works show Scenes from everyday life. Modernist architecture: in 1890 and 1920 a new architectural style developed which used the new material such as iron, reinforced concrete and glass as construction and decorative Materials. Cast iron architecture: used iron as a building Material, as in the case of the Eiffel tower, which allowed the construction of Large buildings with fewer supports. Impresionism: was a style Of painting and to some extext, that began in France, it was an experimental Style which artist tried to crate an impression in the minds of the viwers is The beiging of the modern art.

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