Adjectival subordinate clauses

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Adjectival subordinate clauses or relative

grammatically equivalent to function as an adjective and a complement of a name is called the antecedent and is in the proposition.

Ejm: Rooms facing the street had good views.

pronouns: who, where, who, whom, whose.

adverbs: where, how, when.

Relative difference and conjunction:
That (relative pronoun)

Refers to a previous noun.
Can be replaced by which. which ...
Ejm: Rain falling on the fields in spring is very beneficial.

That (conjunction)

No previous substantive concerns.
There is no substitute for that, which ...
Ejm: The weatherman says that tomorrow it will rain.

Classes adjectival subordinate clauses:


Restinga the meaning of the noun which they refer (antecedent).
Ejm: The completed vehicles traveling
fast in one hour journey.


Not restrict the meaning of the noun to which it relates (history). Are written between commas.
Ejm: The vehicles, which circulated rapidly, completed in an hour journey.

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