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II.Complete the sentences with the correct words in the box. Use adverbs
1.Martha and Miki wore the same dress to the party coincidentally They were really embarrassed
2.My grandfather has to quit his job. He's gotten sick, unfortunately
3.Suddenly the dog ran out the door. He got out before we could close it.
4.Jane forgot her textbook today. Luckily Sarah had two, and she lent one to her
5.Maria forgot her jacket at home today fortunately the weather was warm

Mike. Linda bored. Mike fascinated Linda interesting Mike surprising Linda Mike amazing
The adjective finish al: dramatical add ly =dramatically
The adjective finish y: happy add ily and borrar y =happily
The adjective finish ful: wonderful add ly =wonderfully
The adjective finish e: terrible add y and borrar e=terribly no en todos los adjetivos
Good=well, hard=hard, fast=fast
You, we, they were playing
I, he, she , it was playing
Despues de when y but used the verb in past simple
Despues de while used the verb in ing

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