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Acrimony (n) - harshness/bitterness of speech or manner
Aesthetic (adj) - pertaining to beauty
Alabaster (n) - a whitish, translucent, workable material
Brazen (adj) - bold and without shame; made of brass
Buffet (n) - meal set out on a sideboard rather than on a table
Crustacean (n) - marine animal having a crust-like shell
Culpable (adj) - deserving blame or censure
Extrinsic (adj) - coming from the outside
Figment (n) - something invented in the mind
Inextricably (adv) - so involved or entangled as not to be removed
Invocation (n) - opening prayer for a ceremonious occasion
Mummery (n) - a ridiculous, hypocritical, or a pretentious ceremony
Nostalgic (adj) - longing for something from the past
Obsequies (n) - funeral rites
Sinuous (adj) - having many curves and bends
Trenchant (adj) - perceptive; keen
Truculent (adj) - fierce, hostile
Truncate (verb) - to cut off; to shorten
Turbid (adj) - in a confused state
Turgid (adj) - pompous, pretentious

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