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  • Mutual diference treches

  • Economic rivaly

  • Colonialism competition

  • Arus race

  • Emergence of USA

  • Exaltation of nationalism

  • Dissapearence of big empires

  • Creation of the league nations

  1. World war

Outbreak of war was in 1914 in Sarafew. The heir of Austria- Hungarian empire visited Bosnia to try to again the loyality of Bosnia people. There a Serbian student, menber of nationalism groupe assasinated ferdinod. Then start the 1st World War.

Schlieffen plan(1905) in case of war:

  • Defeat France asad

  • Fight Russia

But the plan failed(1914):

  • The belgium army fought bravely

  • The british helped and slowed the Germans down

  • Russia was more prepared than they thougt

Conclusion: trenches between Belgium and Switzerland

  • They reached a Stalmate until 1917= No mans land.

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