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ADVANTAGES / DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES electrometallurgy pyrometallurgy and large reaction rates. High production in small reactions. Suitable for food mineral complex. Suitable for feeding uniform made of minerals from various sources. Disadvantages: Not suitable for poor minerals. Poor selectivity and low efficiency of separation in chemical reactions. Multistage process. Environmental problems with waste and noise. ADVANTAGES / DISADVANTAGES HYDROMETALLURGY. Advantages: Ability to deal with poor and marginal ore. High productivity and high degree of separation in chemical reactions. High purity products. Easy control and optimization. Absence of pollution gases. Disadvantages: slow reaction speed. Low production reactor. Sensitive to variations in the composition of food .. Problems in the disposal and storage of solid wastes. Problems with sewage

SIDERÚRIGICO PROCESS: The process begins with obtaining raw materials: iron ore and coking coal. The coke obtained is then used in the blast furnace to reduce iron ore and pig iron to get liquid, a solution of iron with high carbon content and impurity. Cast iron is carried in wagons to steel thermos to lower the concentration of carbon and remove impurities from sulfur and phosphorus. In a subsequent refinement process is added minerals and ferro-alloys necessary for the type of steel we need. The liquid steel is obtained in the steel solidifies in the continuous casting machine. At the end of the machine flat products are obtained, called slabs, of specific dimensions and weights are exported directly or sent to a hot-removal process (LAC) or cold (LAF). Electrometallurgy are more new uses electric current as reducing element, obtaining very pure metals from oxides. It is used to purify metals and alloys. Much like pyrometallurgy without fuel. It can be: igneous electrolysis. Electrolysis in aqueous

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