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This ad can be analyzed in this way: We will begin analyzing the product that advertises, which is (cereals).The product is aimed at a (healthy)public(who likes to take care of its image)/towards a young audience,aimed at both mens and women of medium or older age. It's a print/advertising photo. The ad is accompained by a slogan which is:(...) The slogan is colored...)This ad is classifield as(persuasive,infor,reminder(teleti)) The ad message is 1)the slice of life ad: emphasises both the ordinariness of the family and the ordinariness of the situation. 2)the lifestyle ad:in this kind of ads a product that is really quite ordinary is shown in a environment that is more elegant. 3)the fantasy ad 4)the mood or image ad:it suggest that someone who buys the product will have access to a particular image 5)the slentific appeal and testimonial ad. We also look at the different techniques used in the ad, for instance/such as: 1)Basic message:The ad conveys us.. 2)Visual image:The ad uses an image that catches our attention because.. 3)Catchy words:The ad contains a detailed description of the product or no 4)Testimonial:the celebrity describes how the product has changed his/her life to better, talk about its advantages 5)Bandwagon:it's a cool product that everyone already has.You need one 6)Product character or slogan:Because it includes a special...) 7)repetition: appears constantly 8)Humor:positive association, make laugh 9)Sense appeal:sounds or pictures that appeal to the sense are featured 10)nostalgia:Back-to nature,back in the good old days

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