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Weimar Republic: Ineffective constitution, article 48, proportional voting, too much power from German states, the army, left wing rebellions, Invasion, inflation, munich putsch 1923. Causes of the WW2: TOV solved nothing, The league failed to keep peace, appeasement( Saar plebescite, conscription, rearmament, rhinekand, Austria, Cechosloovakia, nazi soviet pact, poland), Rise of fascism in italy, economic depression,. Trevor_Roper:  Hitler planned a major war from the start, he wanted from the beggining to destroy USSR. Joachim Fest: Hitlers guilt, His entire carrer was orientated towards war. AJP Taylor: Hitler was a war planner, the opportunist. A: Kids are innoffensive, they are going to fall one to one, they see him as santa, scared. How to control Germany: One state party, Terror, Propaganda, youth, workforce, religion(concordat), racism.

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