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dear mr dave,
i'm reply yo you advert, i would like to apply for the position of dancer entretainer in this cruise./
I feel i'm weel suited to this position because i'm an expert and ive worked in the armani... In bcn. Im' confortable dancing, because i feel free and it's like become someone else and give my best./
I would like to work on this cruise because of my experience,, i think i can bring very nice things. Besides, i think i can bring good ideas when it raises to a new project./
In addition to these qualifications, i've recently been aworded a red cross certificate after completing theiremergency fir-and course.Moreover to the requirements that you ask me, i have recently acquired the title firs ed./
I hope that you will consider me for the position. 'm closing my cv and a letter of recommendation from my previos company.I'm available for on interview at your convinience. I would be happy to come for on interview at yours convenience. I would be happy to come for on interview at any time. Please let me known when it would be convenient for you/ I hope to recieve your reply in the near future. Yor faithfilly, Angel 

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