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1. 1. Settle for 2. Inherited 3. Faked 4. Overheard 5. Nodded 6. Flee 7. Got to       8. Take a break

2. 1. Because he is jealous 2. Because she cheated on him 3. Because both are artists 4. Because he prefers to ignore them 5. Because she is very strong 6. He doesn't want to know anything about him.
3. 1. Marriage 2. Appreciative 3. Dedicated 4. Enjoyable 5. Sense 6. Origin         7. Use 8. Lose
4. 1. She has a boyfriend 2. Are overprotective 3. To have a brother                   4. Barça scored the goal 5. Be married 6. Very strong 7. Nullify the goal         8. Take after
1. 1. Alice didn't recognise the man who called out her name
    2. Have you met Jules who you will be staying with next week?
    3. They visited the old cathedral, which was very impressive
    4. In the forest, we found a cottage where an old farmer lives
    5. I'm waiting for next Tuesday, when I will get my exams results
    6. This is the book which I read about on the Internet
2. 1. The official with whom I spoke was not very helpful
    2. The evidence for which the police are searching may not exist
    3. My friend, with whom I have corresponded for many years, has died suddenly
    4. The gadget about which you asked me is sold in the shop of the corner
    5. The building in which my cousin worked collapsed during the earthquake
    6. The team against which you played in the competition won all its matches last year
3. 1. We are going water-skiing on the lake where Jon's uncle has a summer home
   2. Stephanie Meyer, whose vampire books are all the rage, is a housewife
   3. The film which we watched last night was very frightening
   4. Jill, who is my best friend, is the best athlete in school
   5. Do you remember the time when it snowed here?
4. 1. Which 2. Who 3. Whose 4. Which 5. Who 6. Where 7. Where 8. Which             9. When

1. 1. B 2. D
2. 1. Owners of unusual pets are the centreof attention because people are interested in talking to them about their pets
   2. You can learn about the animal and its habitat, as well as how they move around in their glass enclosures
3. 1. F-"Therefore, they choose unusual... Or maintenance"
    2. T-"Unusual pets... Little space"
    3. F-"... You don't need...Their food..."
4. 1. Trend 2. Acquire 3. Take up 4. Hectic

1. C 2. A 3. B 4. D 5. C 6. B 7. A 8. B

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