Agriculture in Cantabria

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Ukraine (Kiev, Pop - 45M) 1. Size: 233,090 sq. Mi. – The largest country in Europe in area 2. Climate: Cold winters – hot summer. The winter is long, lasts from October to April 3. Physical regions: Mountains on the West- but the majority is flat plains 4. Agriculture: Good soil – for crops and livestock. A. Sugar beets- Grains B. Meat- Dairy In the past, its resources and agriculture were crucial for the S.U, Russia lost much of their Prime farm land to Ukraine. 5. Resources: Cole, iron ore, mercury, salt 6. Core areas: A. Donets Basin – Coal B. Kerch – Iron ore C. Kiev – Factories, political, educational centers 7. The future is uncertain 8. Problems: - No oil or natural gas- Must come from Russia - Trouble with Russians living in the Crimea Peninsula; Russia controls Crimea - Crime- Unemployment - Past problem with nuclear plants (Chornobyl)

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