Agriculture in Cantabria

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plantation agriculture: plots are tipically large, open states crossed by interior roads. Settlements alternates between concentrated and dispersed 

 CF companies, usually foreign, imose one type of monoculture, with crops intended for export(coffe bannanas cocoa pineapples etc) LF not very important       Extensive agriculture: plots are primarily large geometric estates forming uniform agrarian landscapes with open fields, settlement is mainly dispersed,CF  crops-cereals, industrial crops and fruit-are cultivared using dry and irrigaton farming, LF extensive ocuppies vast areas of pasteureland and livestock farms are common       Mechanised mediterranean agriculture: large estates exist alongside small, irregular plots, the land alternates between open and closed fields(bocages), particulary in irrigated areas. Settlements alternates between concentrated and dispersed, CF  practice of fallow survives, and irrigation  is used in fertile areas, dry-farming crops are cerals, grapes and olives, fruits and vegetables are grow in irrigated areas, LF grazing land for EXLF exists alongside farms, are forests and meadow reserve 

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