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plantation agricultire

number and size of plantation in developing countries has grown as a result of economic globalization

controlled by multinational companies or by local produces who sell their products to them. Plantation agriculture is a form of commercial agriculture.

benefits and disadvantages.

ben. For multinational companies cost are low, benef. For less developed countries, jobs are created, witch stimulate local economies

dis for less dev coun./ plantation crops are exported: + ft;

 small farmers must leave their land and work + ft

exploitation become intensive,  environmental impact

decision are made based on the sales prices.

livestock farming

consists of raising animals for food or other economic purposes, cattle, sheep and pig most common/ selective breeding + ft

types of fishing/ coastal fishing, inshore fishing, off shore fishing /+ft

problems of fishing/ international treaties must be signed

fishing catches are excessive in relation to the amount of fish available, overfishing

government have adapted different measures to encourage sustainable fishing.

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