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Wheat: It is the most widely cultivated cereal in the world and characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. 
Rice: It is the second most consumed cereal and the first in Asia.

Corn: 116307 hectares, aragon main producer.
Others: Oats and Barley. The value of production of olive oil in Spain represents 4.6% of the production of the agricultural industry. Spain is at the top of the world Production and it constitutes a 75% of the production in the EU and 45% of the global Production. The surface dedicated for this in Spain is over 2 million hectares. In the last ten years the Production has increased a 23%. Spain has almost 1.2 million hectares of vineyards, which makes it the country with the most Extension of vines in the World.Spanish wine laws created the Denominación de Origen (DO) system in 1932 and were later Revised in 1970. The system shares many similarities with the hierarchical Appellation d'origine Contrôlée (AOC) system of France.As of 2009, there were 79 Quality Wine areas across Spain.In addition there is Denominación de Origen Calificada (DOCa) status for DOs that have a Consistent track record for quality. There are currently two DOCa/DOQ regions: Rioja and Priorat. Spain has long been Western Europe ́s leading producer, and the world ́s foremost exporter, of Oranges and mandarins. In the 1960 ́s, the production of citrus fruit averaged 1.8 million tons a year. Spain ́s significant non citrus fruit crops (Orchard Crops) are mainly apples & pears (Catalonia), Bananas (Canary Islands), peaches (Murcia), figs (Balearic Islands) and cherries. The tobacco plant adapts to a wide variety of soils and climates, but it is usually grown in mild And warm climates.
Livestock refers to the breeding of animals to produce meat, milk, leather or to be used as Labour. Traditional livestock ranges from family livestock (small in numbers) to the large herds used For extensive grazing or transhumant farmingModern livestock is characterized by production, selection of appropriate breeds and Industrial productive system. Pork was Spain's most important meat product; Poultry, previously a minor item in the Spanish diet, had become much more popular. Sheep rearing predominated in central Spain and the Ebro Basin. Goats were kept in much the Same area, but they were more prevalent in the higher, less grassy elevations because they Can survive on poorer pasture.

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