Agriculture in ramadi

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U9 1 sector in Spain.Agrarian landscapes. 1.1 5% of the popu. -Agriculture.-Livestock farming:cattle, sheep and pig. -Silviculture. 1.2Agrarian landscapes: Oceanic agrarian landscapes: Located in the north and north east of the peninsula. Rugged relief and oceanic climate. Popu. Is dispersed, plots of farming are small, agriculture is limited, cattle farming and silviculure is also important. -Mediterranean ag. Lands: located in the south of the oceanic climate and in Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Flat terrain and mediterranean climate. Peninsula dense popu. And extensive plots, while along the others popu is dispersed, plots are small. Agriculture is impotant, livestock farming is extensive, silviculture exploits pine and eucalyptus. -The Canarian ag. Lands: located in the canary islands, sub-tropical climate, rugged and volcanic relief. Popu is dispersed, plots has extensive use of coastal land and small scale. Agriculture is monoculture, polytunnel and tropical fruit. Livestock farm is limited and silviculture is scarce. 2The 1 sector. Fishing activity. 2.1 Sea fishing: 0.5%. -Species and types of fish: Species: tuna, bonito, sardine, molluscs, crustaceans, cephalopods. Types of fish: trad. Fishing methods: a skilled fisherman with a fleet of small and old boats work dialiy. Indust. Fishing methods, deep sea fishing, the fleet consistes of large, modern boats, new technologies. -Fishing zones and regions: Fishing grounds with abundance fish. National fishing ground along the coast up to 200 nauticl miles, international  ones in Atlantic and India oceans. 2.2 Marine aquaculture: Rearing of fixh, moll. And crust in marine facilities near the coast. Spain growing sect

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