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I will talk about my favorite festival: The Lira Festival. Usually only people from my village go to it, but last year even more people came.

People would take a bus so they wouldn´t have to worry about how to get back home if they had drunk too much. I have never seen my village so full.

The festival went from ten o´clock on Saturday until eight o´clock the next day. There was even an area where you could camp.

Saturday morning the main square was already crowded. Everyone was waiting for the event to begin. There was an orchestra playing all morning and people dancing non-stop. There was free lunch. They even set up stands with jewelry and other handmade objects to buy. After street performances and when the night arrived, the most famous Galician music groups performed. It went on until dawn. I´m impatient for next year´s festival.

Yesterday there was a festival in my village and I realised that people can change a bit to be more environmentally friendly.

For example , people should throw less waste and less mess the place where the festival is hold , because when there is one of these festivals , the next morning the streets are totally dirty. This is very bad for the environment.

Another form of noise pollution is also present in these festivals because music is exceedingly high ,un my opinion, noise should be reduced. There is also air pollution due to the number of cars arriving at the festival and we usually have fireworks too,for the first , a solution would be to provide public transport and minimize pollution.

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