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In 1668, the Italian Doctor Francesco Redi demonstrated that the larvae found in rotting meat Came from fly eggs.

“Life only comes from a Pre- existing form of life”

In the second half of the 19th century, the French chemist Louis Pasteur demonstrated that Microorganisms did not come from spontaneous generation.

He placed soup in a flask, Bent the neck and sterilized it with heat.

After a number of weeks, The soup did not decompose.

He cut the neck of the Flask.

After a few days, he Observed that the soup in this flask had decomposed.

The S-shaped neck let air Into the flask, but not microorganisms. When the neck was broken, Microorganisms could enter and cause decomposition.

How living things change the Environment

-Plant Roots, lichens and the action of some animals (earthworms) break up rocks and Turn the soil. This makes it easier for erosion to occur and makes soil more Fertile.

-Some Sedimentary rocks are formed from layers of microorganisms (Foraminifera).

-The Accumulation of large number of coral skeletons can create islands.

-Trees Increase the humidity of an area because they stop the sunlight reaching the Ground.

-The Evaporation of water from the leaves of plants creates a humid microclimate. Some Plants have deep roots and can live near sand.Those Roots help hold the soil and prevent erosion (dunes).

-Human Beings modify the environment in the most obvious ways:

  -Large buildings, roads, airports, ports..., Contamination And air pollution, Agriculture, Forest fires 

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