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Alveoli Carry out Gas exchange in the body
1)The lung contains millions of tiny air sacs called alveoli, gas exchange happens Here.
2)Blood Passing next to the alveoli has just returned to the lungs from the rest of the Body, so it contains lots of CO and little O2.Oxygen diffuses out of the Alveolus (Hcon) into the blood (Lcon). Co2 diffuses out of the blood (Hcon) Into the alveolus (Lcon)   to be breathed Out. 3)When The blood reaches body cells, O2 is released from the red blood cells (Hcon) And diffuses into the body cells (Lcon)
4)At The same time, CO2 diffuses out of the body cells (Hcon) into the blood (Lcon). It’s then carried back to the lungs.       
Alveoli are Specialised for gas exchange
1)The Walls are permeable, so gases can diffuse easily
2)There Is moist lining for gases to dissolve in
3)The Big number o alveoli gives the lungs a big surface area
Red blood Cells have the job of carrying oxygen
They Transport O2 from the lungs to all the cells in the body.
1)Small, Round shape, to give a large surface area for absorbing and releasing O2.
White Blood cells
1)Pathogens-cause Disease- have to be destroyed-immune system
2)2 Types of white blood cells: phagocytes and lymphocytes.
3)PHAGOCYETES: Detect pathogens- and digest them.
4)LYMPHOSITES: Create antibodies- when the come across antigens they will produce proteins Called antibodies- they mark them for destruction. Antibodies are produced Quickly- and mark other pathogens in the body.
Blood Vessels: walls are thick and elastic, carry blood with high pressure. Veins: Lumen is bigger 

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