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Conditio: 1 (logic statements) - IF + Present simple, Will + infinitive. 2 (hipothetical situations) - IF + Past simple, Would + infinitive 3. (things that happened in the past) - If + Past Participe, Would + Present perfect. (Unlees = a menos que) (Even if = incluso si)  Deseos: 1. Wish/ if only + past simple or continuous (we wish that something was diferent in the present) 2. Wish + Had + past participe (lamentos) 3. W + Would + infinitive.  R. Spech : - Don't shout, Mr brown! = The judge told mr brown not to shout. - When did you see it? = he asked her when she had seen it. Past simple - past perfect. Present- past. Present perfect- Past perfect.  Passive: - They sent me this advert = this advert was sent by them to me. - Did they deliever your new sofa? = Was your new sofa delievered by them? (Was + 3 columna) Verbos:  I was/have, you were/have, he was/has, they were/have. Voc: cut out: eliminar,give up: dejar, go on a diet, put on weight, stick to: seguir. Prosecution: fiscal, Burglary: ladron, Kidnapping: secuestro, mugging: asalto. Phrasal verbs: bring about: dar lugar a, carry out: llevar algo a cabo, deal with: resolver, face up to:enfrentarse a, get across: transmitir, look into: investigar, point out: remarcar, put off: aplazar. Prep +noum: at (all times, risk) by (accident, yourself), in (front, alebt) without(doubt, exception) against(the law, the odds) on(purpose, your own) under (arrest, the circumstances) for (a living, certain)

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