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The Dead Sea Share Line is the lowest line of earth.Euphrates river flows from Rainy Mountains Turkey to eastern Syria and across Syrian deset into Iraq.These river valleys and rainy Maditerranen coast Heightland are part of the Fertile Crescent,are region that stretches from M coast east throught Mesapotamia Atoden Iraq to Persian Golf.
3 types of climate: -Mediterranean climate,semiarid climate,arid climate
The Mediterranian coast  and heighlands get most of rainfall.They run throught northwester .These areas have medi.Climate where summers are hot are hot and dry.Moist air flows are the region in winter,when it coals falls are rain or snow.East the Rift VAlley and desert plateau lie behind the rain shadowcoast,a rain shadow is a dry are that forms behind a highland that captures rainfall and snow.

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