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Geophysical Techniques

   1) Resistivity - Measure ground resistance to the progress of an electrical                            current
   2) Magnetometer Survey - Measure magne. Properties of the soil and                           identify location of past human activity (burning or heating)
Why EIA? - New transp. Project & transp. Activ. Associated with non-tranp.     Proj. Can lead to indirect impacts - noise & vibration, air pollution,               biodiversity, accidents and economic regeneration  so management of       these impacts may require mitigation measure and monitoring.
Soil structure influence on
    Soil aeration properties 
    Capacity of soil to retail moisture & hydraulic conductivity
    Soil biota and plant root growth
Hamad Port - Work Activities:
   Excavation work,     Engineering work,   Dredging & reclamation work,
   Use & maintenance of dredges & const. Equip.
   Water discharge to sea,     Maritime Traffic,    Mod. Of Coastl. Morphology
Parameters for water quality monitoring
   InSitu  - Conductivity & Temp.,     pH,     Turbidity,     Dissolved O2
Analytical- Salinity, Boron, Sulphate, TPH, COD, BOD, Nutrients
Env. Planning - Perfor. Of env. manag. plan by external experts:
   1) Construction Env. Manag. Plan (CEMP)
   2) Dewatering Env. Manag. Plan (DEMP)
   3) Dredge Env. Manag. (DrEMP)
  To Ensure Compliance with
     - EIA Mitigation measure
     - Env. Standards through monitoring
     - Env. Regulations throught operatio. & engineering control plans

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