Air law

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Insulation: Thermal/Electrical.
Flexibility:deformed in the direction of the fibres without breaking.
Density:d=m/v.   Wood is not dense that's why it float.
Hygroscopicity:ability to absorb/release moisture.   Wood absorb humidity from the air easily.
Sound conductivity:more elasticity,less density,tremble.
Splitability:how easily it splits in the longitudinal direction of the fibres.
Toughness:very resistans to breaking when hit by something. 

Very dense:more weight and less volume.
Good conductors:heat and electricity.
They reflects light:metallic shine.
Solid at room temperature.
Grey or whitish colour.
They can be mixed with other metals to improve their properties.
Castability:set in a mould after begin melted/poused.
Weldability:2 pieces can be welded together using heat and/or preasure.
Ductility:wires or filament.
Mallcability:stretch into sheets.
Foldability:how easily amaterial can be folded without breaking.
Machinability:how easily a metal can be shaped,moulded and worked using machine tools in processes that remove material (drilling,turning).

Hardness:resistance to being pierced orscratched by another day.
Brittlenes:ability to break easily,without being deformed hardly at all. 
Mechanicnal resistance:ability to resist the forces applied to it without breaking or changing in space.
Elasticity:abililyto return to its original shape after being deformed under extrenal forces after they stop. 
Toughness:resistance to being changed,deformed or broken.
Plasticity:ability to become permanently deformed without breaking,once its elastic limit has been exceeded.
Expansion:increase in zice when its temperature rises.
Thermal conductivity:ability to transmit heat.
Toxicity:how strong a poison or toxin is.
Enviomental hazard:the level of toxin is.
Recyclability:possibility of rensing a material.
Biodegradability:ability to naturaly decompose.

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