Air law

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the sense of vision allows us to percibe

shapes, sizes and colours of the object
around us.Both eyebolls are in a hole 
bone, called socket.The eye has menmbranes
to recive lights.The sclerotic protects the eye
and seems the white part of it ,its part frontal
is collled cornes. The choroid is composed by
the iris and the pupil, has two muscles,one of
them conttacts the pupil and the other dilates it.
the retina contains the cones are useful for colour
vision.The canes are light sensitive.We can see the
objects because they reflect a certain quiantity of light.

the sense of smell-the olfactory receptors are in the 
pituitary gland.The molecules reach de pituitary with the
air or from the mouth.The olfactery cells are specialized in
gaining the stimuls and transport those to the brain.
the sense of touch-the skin is a organ which covers the whole body and has tree layers,epidermis,dermid,hipodermis

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